Over the years our shop has used many different boat care products, none of those seem to be as effective or as easy to use as Babe’s. The Babe’s line is not only easy to identify with the different colors that represent each product, but also very easy to identify what to use for each job you might need to tackle on your boat. From the spray wax, to the spot solver the Babe’s line has something for every marine application. The Babe’s products smell good and are not harsh or abrasive, but still perform just as well, if not better than other cleaners. The Seat Soap works amazing on all of those hard to reach crevices in marine vinyl, and the supreme chamois are a must have on any lake outing. Babe’s Boat Care has always provided us with excellent customer service and product integrity. Babe’s will continue to be the Tommy’s #1 pick for boat cleaning and detailing!