Advice from our Mixologist 

How do I bring the white back on my boat vinyl – it’s gone grey?

It really depends on why it’s grey. Often it’s because dirt has just built up for so long it appears that the vinyl has changed color but actually it is just re-deposited soil. In that case, Seat Soap does a very good job when you give it a little time to work and use either a light scrub sponge or stiff bristle brush. If the vinyl has degraded from age and UV breakdown, the best bet is to re-dye the seats or re-cover them if the material has lost its structure.

What can I use on our pontoon boat to get rid of mold and dirt on our seats?

Seat Soap will get rid of that mold and dirt on the spot.  Spray it on and leave it for 30 seconds, then use a soft scrub sponge to help lift mold and dirt that is in the vinyl seats.

My livewell is disgusting – what do I do to fix it?

BABE’s introduced Well Wash two year ago to address this.  It effectively cleans and conditions the livewell system without damaging the environment and fish.  We use probiotics to destroy odors and displace harmful organisms from your live well. Well Wash conditions the live well with probiotics to keep harmful organisms from contaminating the well and harming your catch.

I wax my boat, will Boat Bright take the wax off the boat?

Absolutely not.  Boat Bright enhances the wax on your boat and adds another layer of protection so you will not need to apply wax as often. Most people find that Boat Bright reduces the number of times you need to wax your boat. We have many testimonials from satisfied customers.

Why don't you put wax in Spot Solver?

The chemistry of spot removers and protectants is not incompatible but they do work against each other. The protectant tends to repel the cleaners from the surface and the cleaners tend to remove the protectants. The result is lower performance from each material. It’s similar to conditioning hair shampoo. The soap works OK but the conditioning performance is just not good enough.

Will Seat Soap harm the colors on my vinyl?

All BABE’S products are safe on all surfaces and colors in your boat. Even if you put the wrong product on the wrong spot you can be assured that Babe’s products are designed to be safe for all surfaces. In addition Seat Soap has been tested for two years and approved by the largest marine vinyl manufacturer in the US. It has been certified as safe for all vinyl materials.

Why should I use Boot Butter and not my dish soap to get my foot in the boot?

Because soap is harmful and toxic to fish and other aquatic life. Seemingly safe soaps are surprisingly toxic to fish with long lasting effects. Although most soaps are biodegradable, the process can take up to a month in most aquatic environments. Soaps can harm fish at concentrations down to .0042 g/Liter of water. That means a teaspoon of soap can make 600 gallons of water deadly to fish. Not only will Boot Butter not harm anything, it rinses out of your binding much quicker once you are in the water.

I have water spots on my black outboard motor cowling.

Spot Solver will get those out. Spray it on a cool cowling (not in direct sunlight). Allow it to sit for a minute, wipe if off. Then we recommend you follow up with Boat Bright to keep the spots from coming back.

How do I clean the upholstery in my boat?

Use Seat Soap – Seat Soap is a nationally approved vinyl cleaner by major marine vinyl manufacturers that underwent 18 months of testing by the largest marine vinyl manufacturer in the world.

Will BABE’S products work on pontoons?

We have 3 excellent products for use on Pontoons. Seat Soap is a great interior product to safely clean the plastic and vinyl on all interior areas.  Odor Oust can be used on wet carpets to eliminate odors, even mildew. And Odor Oust reactivates when the area gets wet again. Seat Saver will condition and protect your seats from the damaging effects of UV.

What products work on an inflatable?

Inflatables are made from a fabric laminated and plasticized version of PVC. The chemical name for PVC is polyvinyl chloride, which is where the name for vinyl comes from. Seat Soap is formulated to clean vinyl in all it’s forms. So, Seat Soap is the perfect product to clean inflatables. Seat Saver can add to the UV protection already impregnated into the vinyl to further protect the material from degrading from the harsh effects of UV.


My boat smells musty. What can I use to get it out?

The best bet is to dry out the boat by opening up all the enclosed areas and allowing them to dry prior to storage. Then use a cover that allows moisture to pass through the material but keeps dew and moisture out. If your boat is on a trailer or lift, remove the plug to allow the bilge to drain so that there is less moisture available to condense in cool enclosed areas of the boat. Be sure to place the removed plug in plain sight to remind you to replace it when launching.

Will my year old gallon of Boat Bright still work?

Yes, our products will work for many years. The colors may fade over time due to exposure to sunlight, but the product remains effective.

What products should I use to wash and wax my new motorhome?

Boat Bubbles will work great for your motorhome. Boat Bubbles is formulated to perform at professional cleaning levels to maintain foam and cleaning and is completely biodegradable. Or, Boat Bright can be used as a waterless wash or as a finish product to dry and protect your motorhome with some UV and wax finish.

Does Boat Bright work on painted fiberglass?

Absolutely, Boat Bright was formulated for gel coat but works exceptionally well on urethane clear coats. You get the same water beading, and UV protection you find with gel coat. We find that Boat Bright tends to build with subsequent uses on gel coat where urethane is a one at a time use.

Does Boat Bright work on racks?

Yes, Boat Bright will make your rack shine and it will not harm anything. Feel free to use Boat Bright on all hard boat surfaces.

What else can I use Boat Bright on?

It’s 100% safe on any gel coat, glass, stainless steel, glass, Harley’s, pontoon boats, you name it, Boat Bright will safely clean it.

Can I use BABE’s on my decal or wraps?

Yes, Boat Bright is perfect for that. In addition Seat Soap and Seat saver will clean and further protect the vinyl on wraps.

Is Boat Bright safe to use on everything in my boat?

Yes, Boat Bright will safely clean all parts of your boat. Glass, aluminum, dash gauges and plastic moldings all benefit from Boat Bright.

How do I winterize my boat?

BABE’s recommends a full cleaning and drying of the boat prior to winterizing the boat. Seat stains from lotions and oils on the seat will continue to dry and become much more difficult to remove at the beginning of next year. The same goes for oils from exhaust on the transom. Silicates and calcium water spots on the gel coat continue to harden over time like concrete does. The sooner you remove them the better. A coating of Seat Saver will have extra time to penetrate the vinyl on your seats to get ready for UV protection next season.

How do I get water spots off my boat?

Use Spot Solver. Most water spots are removed with a quick spray and wipe. You can add one more level of cleaning by using a soft kitchen scrub sponge to remove even the most stubborn spots that have had multiple outings to set up.  Follow up with Boat Bright to protect your boat from future water spots.

What products should I use to wash and wax my Motorhome?

Boat Bubbles will work great for your motorhome. And, Boat Bright can be used as a waterless wash or as finish product to dry and protect your motorhome with some UV and wax finish.

Do I have to wait a while before I use Boat Bright on a new gel-coated surface?

Boat Bright can add protection to brand new Gel Coat. Boat Bright allows the gel coat to continue curing but will add scratch resistance to the surface until it reaches it’s maximum hardness.


A History of Skiing

BABE’S is dedicated to developing environmentally safe, quality boat maintenance products that set the standard in performance and convenience. Founded in 2003, our products are specifically formulated to meet the demands caused from the harsh marine environment while keeping maintenance an easy task. BABE’S is part of a family business that has been developing and manufacturing industrial cleaning products for over 50 years.


Straight From Our Customers

Over the years our shop has used many different boat care products, none of those seem to be as effective or as easy to use as Babe’s. The Babe’s line is not only easy to identify with the different colors that represent each product, but also very easy to identify what to use for each job you might need to tackle on your boat. From the spray wax, to the spot solver the Babe’s line has something for every marine application. The Babe’s products smell good and are not harsh or abrasive, but still perform just as well, if not better than other cleaners. The Seat Soap works amazing on all of those hard to reach crevices in marine vinyl, and the supreme chamois are a must have on any lake outing. Babe’s Boat Care has always provided us with excellent customer service and product integrity. Babe’s will continue to be the Tommy’s #1 pick for boat cleaning and detailing! 
Megan Lhotsky ( Pro Shop Manager) & Brian Roth (Boat Department Manager)Tommy's Slalom Shop
"BABE'S Products are about the best out there, We only use BABE'S in our shop on our new Malibu's & Axis and MB Sport Boat Lines and of course on all of our customer boats. Our favorites are the Seat Soap and the Boat Bright. BABE'S is the only product our customers ask for by name."
- Don R., Stuckey and Grimes Xtreme Marine
“We can barely keep BABE's Boat Care Products on the shelf. Customers have come to us looking specifically for BABE's products and we have begun using them in our detailing department. All of the products are high quality and better yet they are environmentally safe.”
- Jackie R., Lauderdale Lakes
"This really is the best stuff. Been using this on our boats for 7 years now. Haven't found anything better I like."
- Kim G.
"Love BABE'S! We received free product with our new boat purchased around 10 years ago and have used it ever since. Most of our boating is done on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri so we get a lot of grime from the river and unbelievable insect stains. Thanks for delivering what you promise."
- Mike & Cindy H.
"We love our BABE'S. It's definitely keeping our Cat looking great and clean. Will not buy anything else."
- Chris A.
"I wanted to let you know that I have used several of your products and the Boat Bright is the absolute best product I have used for my boat. It is unbelievably quick and easy to use and the shine on the boat is outstanding. Everyone that owns a boat should use this product."
- Wayne H.
"I just finished winterizing my seats of the boat. First I use your seat soap and then I use the conditioner. It's awesome stuff and I love your products! Thank you for your attention to the details of the stuff you sell."
- Lynn M.
"Love these products! Keeps my Ranger looking new! Absolutely the best boat care products I've ever used and believe me I've tried a few in the 30 years I have owned a boat. Thanks for making a great product!”
- Steve A.

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