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A Full Line of Boat Care Products

BABE’S Boat Care Products offers a full line of easy-to-use boat cleaning and maintenance products that are specifically formulated for the marine environment.

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Tips: Ask the Chemist

Do I have to wait a while before I use Boat Bright on a new gel-coated surface?

Boat Bright can add protection to brand new Gel Coat. Boat Bright allows the gel coat to continue curing but will add scratch resistance to the surface until it reaches it’s maximum hardness.

What products should I use to wash and wax my Motorhome?

Boat Bubbles will work great for your motorhome. And, Boat Bright can be used as a waterless wash or as finish product to dry and protect your motorhome with some UV and wax finish.

How do I get water spots off my boat?

Use Spot Solver. Most water spots are removed with a quick spray and wipe. You can add one more level of cleaning by using a soft kitchen scrub sponge to remove even the most stubborn spots that have had multiple outings to set up.  Follow up with Boat Bright to protect your boat from future water spots.

Is Boat Bright safe to use on everything in my boat?

Yes, Boat Bright will safely clean all parts of your boat. Glass, aluminum, dash gauges and plastic moldings all benefit from Boat Bright.

What else can I use Boat Bright on?

It’s 100% safe on any gel coat, glass, stainless steel, glass, Harley’s, pontoon boats, you name it, Boat Bright will safely clean it.


Over the years our shop has used many different boat care products, none of those seem to be as effective or as easy to use as Babe’s. The Babe’s line is not only easy to identify with the different colors that represent each product, but also very easy to identify what to use for each job you might...

Megan Lhotsky ( Pro Shop Manager) &
Brian Roth (Boat Department Manager)

"BABE'S Products are about the best out there, We only use BABE'S in our shop on our new Malibu's & Axis and MB Sport Boat Lines and of course on all of our customer boats. Our favorites are the Seat Soap and the Boat Bright. BABE'S is the only product our customers ask for by name."

Don R., Stuckey and Grimes Xtreme Marine

“We can barely keep BABE's Boat Care Products on the shelf. Customers have come to us looking specifically for BABE's products and we have begun using them in our detailing department. All of the products are high quality and better yet they are environmentally safe.”

Jackie R., Lauderdale Lakes


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BABE’S is dedicated to developing environmentally safe, quality boat maintenance products that set the standard in performance and convenience. Founded in 2003, our products are specifically formulated to meet the demands caused from the harsh marine environment while keeping maintenance an easy task. BABE’S is part of a family business that has been developing and manufacturing industrial cleaning products for over 50 years.

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